Alien Novelty

Shujie Chen, Tyler Kvochick, & Kevin Pazik

Alien Novelty is an architectural film that explores the potential of symmetry as a generator of archetypal spaces. Whereas symmetry is typically understood as an underlying organizational device, this film uses novelty as the organizer of symmetry. Here, symmetry creates disorder.

Unlike other contemporary forms of architectural imagery such as the collage and the render, which create spatial differences and construct new environments through an assemblage of images referenced from disparate sources, Alien Novelty attempts to transform the native architectural information into something alien.

Vaguely familiar elevations collide with distorted interiors, estranged furniture, and kaleidoscopic ceilings in this dream-like sequence through Frank Gehry’s Lewis Library, creating an irresolvable architecture.

Shujie Chen is studying for her Master of Architecture at Princeton University. Born in China, she studied in Singapore on full scholarship and earned Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) from National University of Singapore. Her design works have been selected for NUS Architecture City Exhibition and published in NUS Design Book in 2013 and 2014. To seek international experiences, Shujie worked in GC Eng & Associates in New York, Formwerkz Architects in Singapore and currently works for TJ-Landscape Design in Shanghai. During her free time, Shujie also enjoys working as a model.
Tyler Kvochick has studied architecture at Princeton University and the Knowlton School of Architecture. He has worked at offices in New York, New Haven, and Columbus. He is also on a lifelong quest for the perfect burger.
Kevin Pazik is a MArch Candidate at Princeton University. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago,  and has collaborated with Bureau SpectacularUrbanLab, The Department of Urban Speculation, and Fresh Meat.