Issue No. 2: Rules

Issue No. 2: Rules
Issue No. 2: Rules
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Issue No. 2: Rules

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An architecture magazine considers rules. In our general climate of instability, contemporary architectural practices have exhibited an interest in systems that reach beyond the individual narrative. Instead, the prescribed methods and rubrics for producing a status quo provide an expanded, even populist ground for analysis and creativity.

Size: 12"x16"

Laida Aguirre
Heidi Alexander
Ashley Bigham
Jonah Bokaer
Dana Cuff
First Office
Galo Canizares
Ekaterina Dovjenko
Leonard Koren (Wet Magazine)
Andrew Kovacs (Archive of Affinities)
MAIO Architects
Max Kuo
Mark Mack
Michael Osman
Maria Osado (Guerxs)
Eva Franch i Gilabert, Carlos Mingues and Jacob Reidel (OfficeUS)
Jason Payne
Nicholas Perseo
David Ramis
Clark Thenhaus (Endemic)
Stacey Tran & Sara Sutter

(**content list subject to change and addition)

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